Day 99 - my buddy Jason. 37 years ago today, this guy came into the world, and he really did make it a better place, for me and a stack of other people. We met through work, and I always had so much respect for him. He had an incredible work ethic and was the consumate professional. He was generous, thoughtful and kind, and was always looking for ways to do things better (his blog, his work appearances, his hosting on a sports panel show). He was quite literally the easiest ‘celebrity’ I worked with during this time in my career.

My favorite memory of him BC (before cancer) was a meal we had at Sushi-e in Sydney. It was so fun, we talked for hours, about everything, work, love, the future, the past, our ambitions and so much more. When we finally meet again - hopefully not for some time - I imagine us having a meal and conversation just like we had on this night.           

Unfortunately Jason was diagnosed with cancer maybe 6-8 months before me. Adrenal cortical carcinoma, which is one of the truly awful kinds of cancer - aggressive, really rare and generally without any kind of treatment. Which is not to say he didn’t do EVERYTHING he possibly could to buy himself more time with his wife Charlotte and his two girls Sienna and Olivia.    

When I was diagnosed, and Jason was in the middle of treatment, he called me while I was in NYC and tried to give me an over the phone crash course in everything he’d learnt about being a cancer patient. I remember that conversation very clearly, and the many that followed in the months after.

At his wake, in December 2011, his wife gave me a Christmas gift he’d bought me in the weeks before he died - a watch engraved with “Live those dreams, love JR, Dec 2011”. He certainly did, I have been, and am still trying to.   

His wife posted this link on facebook today. It’s nice to hear his voice. But heartbreaking at the same time.

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